Wild Horse Photo Prints for Sale, Photography Workshop and Observing Wild Mustang Tours.


Location: Montgomery Pass near Mammoth Lakes/Benton, California



with Ivana Crone


May 24 -27, 2022

June 04 - 07, 2022

June 08 - 11, 2022


Join a 4-day horse-back trip tracking these mustang herds into the high desert between the dramatic mountain ranges of Sierra Nevada and White Mountains. Award winning wild horse photographer Ivana Crone is giving a workshop on how to professionally capture the untamed mustang spirit. She will guide you to roam very close amongst the wild horse herds, both on foot and horseback, and discuss how to enhance your photography with application of anticipation of wild mustang behavior to proper camera settings and framing. The advantage of this trip are some remote high destinations accessible exclusively on horseback. The resulting views and images of the wild mustangs set against the towering snowy peaks are truly spectacular.  Ivana Crone displays her images in galleries over 3 states and her photo "Little Love Bite" won First Prize at the Alpenglow Gallery Grand Opening, Colorado 2018.


Full itinerary:







3:00pm: Meeting at River Springs - We arrive at this beautiful desert oasis surrounded by wild horse herds, unpacking to already prearranged tents, getting acquainted with our camp and our stunning surroundings 


3:30 – 4:30pm: Lecture #1 – Intro to Wildlife photography and its 3 main components, with farther orientation specific to artistic wildlife imagery.


4:30 – 6:30pm: Photography session with wild horses (on foot) - We go roam between the many herds, viewing rearing stallions at battle, mares and newborn foals, playful bachelor bands engaged in mock battles and galloping bands.


6:30: Dinner at River Springs - After a safari-like dinner setting we enjoy watching the incredible display of stars and Milky Way above the towering snowy White Mountains, and at night we listen to the sounds of wild horses, who come truly alive in the dark




8:00am: Breakfast at River Springs


9:30 – 10:30am: Photography session with wild horses (on horseback) - It is a truly incredible experience to ride atop your horse amongst the many herds of wild mustangs, while there is a curious interaction between your mount and the wild horses. The resulting images seem very alive with a lot of interesting action, set against those amazing snowy mountains looming above us (no riding experience necessary to comfortably control your steed!) 


10:30 – 2:30pm: Ride to Pizona camp - We enjoy a pleasant lunch in the shade of a pinyon pines (sometimes with fresh nuts!) with a great view overlooking the mustang herds below us. We ride through the gently rolling sagebrush hills and pinyon pine forest until we arrive in another desert oasis, our new camp higher up. We unpack to our new tents and enjoy lovely hors d'oeuvres and hot showers in our high safari camp


4:00 – 6:00pm: Photography session with desert flora, historical 1800s stone-cabin and optional hike to wild horse skeleton (on foot) - A great chance to spend more time exploring our little desert oasis, with many wild irises in bloom and a bit of history, since our camp is set upon the old stagecoach road to Bodie


6:00: Dinner at Pizona


6:30 – 7:30pm: Lecture #2 – Anticipation of action specific to wild mustangs’ social structure and its application to camera settings prior to shooting - This is a unique lecture combining the deeper understanding of the subject with photography skills, a true jewel to enhance your wild horse imagery. After dark we get a chance to watch the stunning display of stars and Milky Way, even brighter from our high camp





8:00am: Breakfast at Pizona


8:30 – 11:30am: Ride to high desert country - With the first sun-rays shining over our little oasis we ride through a lovely lush canyon to the truly high country. There is wild desert apricot in bloom amongst many other flowers, and the sagebrush forms tunnels over 20 feet tall. We arrive at 8,000 ft near Red Mtn. Pass.


11:30 – 1:30pm: Photography session with spectacular views of snowy High Sierra and White Mountains - It is stunning to be this very high up with the entire two mountain ranges spread below us, while we track the wild mustang herds on top of our high desert. To view the wild horses set against the towering snowy peaks is truly spectacular! We enjoy our outdoor lunch here, feeling like on the roof of the world 


1:30 – 3:30pm: Ride back to Pizona


6:00pm: Dinner at Pizona


6:30 – 7:30pm: Lecture #3 – Digital photography pre-print enhancement with Lightroom - We discuss Lightroom editing customized from any beginner level to more advanced specific tidbits related to outdoor, wildlife and equine photography, including conversion to B&W. Another night we can be falling asleep looking for shooting stars in the high desert




8:00am: Breakfast at Pizona


9:30 – 11:00am: Ride to River Springs - We start slowly descending back across the high desert to River Springs. We stop for lunch in the pinyon pines while we enjoy our views of the Adobe valley, and pinpoint the location of the wild herds


11:00 – 12:00pm: Photography session with wild horses (on horseback) - Once again we going to meander amongst the wild horses, observing and photographing the many stallions, mares and foals, with our deeper understanding of their intricate social structure and practicing different angles and settings


12:00pm: Farewells at River Springs



Recommended to bring:

  • Knee-high waterproof boots for wild horse photography sessions on foot

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Light long-sleeve shirt with UV protection

  • Wide-brimmed hat

  • Warm sleeping-bag

For a complete list of items to pack go to:




Questions and inquiries contact Ivana Crone:  [email protected] 



Booking and payment contact Rock Creek Pack Station: 




Award-winning wild horse photographer Ivana Crone had her first contact with the American mustang 18 years ago when she joined the Lachota Sioux in their yearly round-ups of the wild herds on the Pine Ridge Reservation, captured and tamed the yearlings, and rode the 2 year old foals with Sam Looking Horse of Manderson by Wounded Knee.

These days she captures the wild horses only on film, as they captured her heart. None of her photos are taken with the help of a zoom lens. She lives and walks alongside these herds, oftentimes tracking them for days into the high desert, and while understanding their intricate social structure, she is recognizing and respecting the lead stallions and alpha mares, until they accept her proximity and resume their natural behavior.

The result are very intimate close up images of the free spirit, beauty and magic of the wild horse across the windy plains of California and Nevada, interwoven with stormy skies and dramatic backdrops of snowy mountains.


To view or order a print: Click on an individual photo of interest for buying options, and to learn a story beyond the image